End of summer update!

Hi readers! It has been a wonderful summer, and here at the Deaf Education program at TU we are gearing up to start a new school year. We just wanted to share some of what our faculty has been up to this summer!

For Dr. Sharon Baker, it has been a great summer for workshops! She has led workshops in Kansas and Pennsylvania for teachers of the Deaf and hard of hearing. The teachers were excited to learn about the latest research in Deaf Education from her, and we know that their students will benefit from what they have learned! Dr. Baker has also been meeting with collaborators from other universities for research and writing – we are very excited to see the end results of these collaborations!

Jessica Scott has been doing work more locally. She has begun to work on a team from across Oklahoma that is developing a web resource for parents, professionals (teachers, employers), and Deaf/hard of hearing students themselves on important transition times in Deaf students’ lives (including transitions from early intervention to more formal school, and transition from secondary school to work, or to college, or to vocational training). Everyone on the team hopes this resource will help answer some questions about how to support Deaf students and what the law entitles them to during the transition process.

We should also be hearing soon about the reading clinic grant – we hope to get it and will let everyone know when we do!

The summer can be a great time to catch up on this type of work that can be difficult to get done during the school year. But, we are excited to get back to campus and back to working with our Deaf Education majors and minors! And, we want to hear from you! What amazing things were you able to accomplish this summer? What are you most looking forward to doing this academic year?


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