Kathy Buckley

Hello, my name is Kadan Brady. I’m a junior at the University of Tulsa and I’m minoring in Deaf Education. I’m new to the Deaf Community and I‘m enjoying every minute of it. I’m taking Sharon Baker’s Deaf History and Culture course, which is why I’m sharing my experience with you guys, and might I add it’s truly an honor. It seemed to be just another class assignment – Professor Baker assigned everyone in the class a famous Deaf person, and I received Kathy Buckley. When I was first assigned her name and was told she was a Deaf comedienne I thought to myself, “this should be fun,” but little did I know it would be life changing. I did my research on Kathy Buckley and I highly recommend those of you who don’t know her to look her up and hear her story. You can also find a lot of her videos on YouTube. Not only is she a five-time American Comedy Award Nominee as Best Stand-Up Female Comedienne, she is also an actress, writer, producer, author, humanitarian, and a motivational speaker.

As I was working on my presentation over Kathy Buckley for my class presentation I decided to e-mail her and just tell her how much of an inspiration she was to me, and how much I greatly appreciate her story and triumph through life. Kathy Buckley called my cell phone within the next hour. I was in class and was unable to answer my phone, but she left me the most thoughtful voicemail. It begins with ,“Hi Kadan, this is Kathy Buckley calling. I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely lovely email, I wish I could have been there with you. I hope you pass, I hope you didn’t flunk on me. Anyway ,it’s Kathy Buckley just calling to say thank you and wishing you nothing but the best in life, may you move forward and let nothing step in your way. God be with you honey, thank you again. Bye-bye.” This was by far one of the most memorable events that has ever taken place in my life, and through this experience Kathy Buckley has just opened my eyes to how grateful we should be for this life we live. I’m honored to have been able to research and hear from Kathy Buckley and share this amazing experience.

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