Study abroad opportunities

One of the most unique opportunities a university can offer to its students is studying abroad. Very few people would have the ability to take a time out of their lives to fully experience another country and culture for three months (and get course credit for it!) after they are finished with college. Here at University of Tulsa we have the Center for Global Education that supports students as they prepare for study abroad that many Deaf Education majors and minors take advantage of (this semester we have a student in Europe and another in South America – next semester Deaf Education majors will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand!). But we also have a unique opportunities for Deaf Education students in specific – the option to study abroad in Siena, Italy where students spend a semester in the Deaf Studies Department at the Siena School for Liberal Arts. Students who take advantage of this opportunity will be enrolled to learn Italian Sign Language as well as Italian Deaf History and Culture. There is a Deaf Education minor currently studying at Siena – you can read about her experiences so far here!

Another opportunity for Deaf Education students to study “abroad” includes a two week trip to study at Gallaudet, the only liberal arts college specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students located in Washington DC. This trip is an opportunity to Deaf Education students to spend two weeks immersed in ASL, Deaf culture, and take advantage of lectures and events occurring on Gallaudet campus.

In the Deaf Education program at TU, we are very proud of these unique opportunities to study in other countries and cultures, using non-native languages. Feel free to contact the faculty to learn more about them!


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