Here at TU, we are always excited to hear about new and unique opportunities being planned for Deaf and hard of hearing children, especially those in our area. Recently Dr. Baker was at the Kansas School for the Deaf for a training where she learned about an amazing opportunity coming up soon, DEAFKAN. DEAFKAN is the Deaf Kids Art Network, and they will be hosting a theater and arts camp for Deaf and hard of hearing students this summer – the camp runs from July 26th through August 2nd. Later on in the fall, Austin Andrews, Deaf Ninja will be performing with DEAFKAN for Deaf Awareness Week! Check out his storytelling on youtube!

I had a pleasure of meeting the head of this great non-profit organization via email, where she shared with me a little about the mission of DEAFKAN:

“Our motto is “Opening the doors of Deaf culture through performance and art.” We are of the belief that families need to see and experience Deaf culture and sign language in a friendly, inviting way before they really consider embracing Deaf culture for their child. By bringing in Deaf performers and artists (and other professional Deaf adults) to interact with our kids, they will see that there ARE successful, talented, educated Deaf adults and that they have the world at their feet.

Our mission is five-fold:

  1. Bring Deaf performers/artists/professionals to deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.
  2. Teach art/performance
  3. Teach and promote sign language
  4. Support families as early as possible in their child’s Deafhood journey through our own programs or by affiliation with other programs.
  5. Educate the community about Deaf culture.”

We here at TU are so excited for this opportunity for Deaf and hard of hearing kids to learn more about art and performance and have the opportunities to meet Deaf performers and artists. Learn more about DEAFKAN here or follow them on Facebook. I am sure someday we will be learning about Deaf artists who benefited from this program as children!


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