Meeting Laurent Clerc’s great, great granddaughter

In our Deaf Education program, Dr. Sharon Baker teaches a course in the spring on Deaf History and Culture. Throughout this course, students learn about the history of Deaf people (primarily but not exclusively in the United States), watch films about Deafness, and learn about cultural norms and practices among Deaf people.

This year, we were excited to learn that the great, great granddaughter of an important figure in Deaf history, Laurent Clerc (for more information on this important figure, click here), is a librarian at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf, and was available to video conference with our students! Those enrolled in the course were joined by some upperclassmen students and Jessica Scott, the other professor in the Deaf Education program.

photo[1]Sue Galloway was so kind in giving her time to speak to our students. She was able to share some amazing documents of Laurent Clerc’s, including a list of important figures in the United States that he met and a family album) as well as other keepsakes of his. She also shared her story of learning that he was her relative and how this brought her to the field of Deaf Education.

We were so lucky to be able to virtually meet her and learn about her experiences and family! Thanks so much to Sue Galloway for taking the time to join our class!



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