Some Unique Experiences: Deaf Mass and the 5-Hour Lunch

A blog post from a Deaf Education minor studying abroad currently in Siena, Italy!

No Ordinary Wings

One of the main reasons that I chose to come study here in Siena was the uniqueness of the program they have here at the Siena School. I’m majoring in speech pathology at the University of Tulsa, but I’m also pursuing minors in Deaf Education and biology. However, though study abroad programs for biology abound (one of which I already took advantage of last summer), the international programs available for the communication disorders department is limited, to say the least. Meaning: the program I’m now attending is the only directly-speechie-related study abroad option that TU partners with. But believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This location is what I would have chosen for myself in a heartbeat, and I’ve already been exposed to so many new experiences, some communication-related and some more general.

The main draw of this program for me was their specialized Deaf Studies program…

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