Reading clinic underway!

So it has been a week since the free reading clinic for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students started at the University of Tulsa, and things are going great so far! We’ve had lots of excited students and tutors hard at work on improving reading skills using a variety of strategies!


First of all, we had to start with some assessments, which you can see being given by one of our awesome tutors in the photograph to the right of the page! She is giving an assessment of reading comprehension so that as we move forward in the reading clinic, she can make sure that she is giving her student activities and books that are appropriate for her reading ability. It is so important that when you work with children who are developing their reading skill, whether they are Deaf, hearing or hard of hearing, that you are choosing books that are motivating for them, but also books that are at just the right level – not too hard, not too easy, but as Goldilocks might put it, just right.


The students in our clinic have a variety of needs, including communication and language


as well as literacy. We also have students enrolled from between the ages of six and sixteen. To the right you can see a picture of one of our tutors working with one of older students using American Sign Language. All of the tutors enrolled who work in our clinic have taken at least through level 3 (and are currently enrolled in level 4) of American Sign Language courses, and have also taken courses about the education of Deaf and hard of hearing students.

And it’s not all assessments and work in our program either! Below, see some pictures of our tutors playing word creation and fluency games with their students. Alphabet soup, anyone?


Interested in learning more about our literacy clinic? Feel free to get in touch with the clinic supervisor, Jessica Scott –

We will post more updates on our clinic as the semester continues on. Thanks to all the tutors working with students, and parents and teachers who support us and provide much needed


transportation for students between their homes or schools and our clinic on University of Tulsa’s campus!


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