Student Profiles: Erin Hoefer

1379698228134 Here is the second of our regular installments profiling a current student enrolled in the Deaf Education program at TU. Today we meet Erin Hoefer!

What year are you?


What made you choose deaf education?

It’s not only a professional choice, but a personal journey in understanding my own hearing loss

Why did you choose to study at TU?

I moved to Tulsa to study at TU when I learned of the Deaf Ed program. We knew we wanted to move to OK

from Japan. When investigating schools, I searched deaf programs and came up on TU. I knew that’s where we needed to go.

What has been your favorite part of the program so far?

The language and literacy development information is fascinating, especially dispelling the myths of language delay that happens in children that use visual language.

What are you most looking forward to in your final years in the program?

Student teaching and improving my ASL skills. Out of student teaching I hope to improve my planning skills and be an effective communicator for any needs in the class.

What are your goals for after graduation?  

To hopefully teach Deaf and hard of hearing students at the middle or high school levels, particularly in language arts

What would you tell high school students who are interested in studying deaf education?

It’s an amazing field with many opportunities.  You’re not limited to just one area of study, it’s multi faceted education.  It’s unique, and provides support and advocacy to a  group of people that aren’t always understood.  Take the chance, you’ll find it unbelievable what you and deaf children are capable of.


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