This week in the news…

It seems like there have been many issues around Deafness and American Sign Language in the news this week. So, welcome to a round-up of some of the issues and events that have been brought to light recently! We in the Deaf Education department would love to hear your thoughts on some of these matters.

To start of with the positive, deaf football player Derrick Coleman is not only going to the SuperBowl with the Seattle Seahawks, but he is the subject of a Duracell commercial that has been making the rounds on Facebook (at least on mine!). You can read more about him here.

Second, an unfortunate situation in England seems to be going on, where a young boy is bullying a Deaf family for using sign language. According to the article, he has not only been yelling profanities at them, but also has been throwing eggs at their home. Happily, it seems as though the police have helped diffuse the situation, but clearly this is a situation that never should have happened.

Another unfortunate story, this one happening close to home – right here in Oklahoma. A Deaf man was allegedly beaten by police for failing to respond to an officer yelling at him – despite a sticker on his car that informed them that he was deaf.

What do you think of these articles? Are you excited to see Derrick Coleman in the SuperBowl? What do you think of the two unfortunate stories of abuse by neighbors and law enforcement?


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