Student Profiles: Emily Putman

Last week we introduced you to a recent alumna, Jessie Menchak. This week we are proud to share with you an interview with a current student in the Deaf Education program, Emily Putman!

ImageWhat year are you at TU?


What made you choose Deaf Education?
I’ve always wanted to teach, and I fell in love with Sign Language and the Deaf culture in high school. I shadowed a Deaf Ed. program in my town and knew that was what I wanted to do.
Why did you choose to study at TU?
I researched programs that were CED certified, and my two favorites were at Flagler College and University of Tulsa. Tulsa was closer to home, and I loved the campus.
What has been your favorite part of the program so far?
I really love the flexibility of this program and the people here. I have been able to pick and choose most of my classes to best suit what I am passionate about and my interests. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many of the paths in Deaf Ed. that I find interesting and have early first hand interaction with experts in the field.
What are you most looking forward to in your final years in the program?
I am excited about learning more about language development in deaf students and having more interaction in Deaf Ed. classrooms.
What are your goals for after graduation?
I would love to teach Deaf students at a residential school. Currently, I’m not sure where or what grade.


What would you tell high school students who are interested in studying Deaf Education?
Do it!

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