Spring reading clinic for Deaf and hard of hearing students at TU!

This spring, here in the Deaf Education department at TU we have a very exciting new program we are launching. We will be starting a free reading clinic for Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students in the Tulsa area in grades kindergarten through twelve.

The clinic will initially be attached to a spring course taught by Jessica Scott, a new faculty member in the Deaf Education program this year, on the literacy development of DHH students. As part of the course, students enrolled will tutor a student for one hour a week on reading and writing skills. This will benefit the Deaf Education student, who will get hands on practice teaching literacy skills in a supervised environment, as well as the DHH student.

Jessica has done a lot of work in this area before – before she came to TU she coordinated the Jeanne Chall Reading Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education, supervised reading specialist interns, and worked as a reading specialist herself at The Learning Center for the Deaf.

It is our hope that once we get this free clinic off the ground, that we can expand and continue the clinic to provide free literacy tutoring services for Tulsa area DHH youth all throughout the academic year.

We have been working to grow our collection of children’s literature for use during tutoring sessions, and through the generosity of friends, family, anonymous donors, and the local bookstore The Frugal Bookworm our collection has gone from zero to these shelves full!Image

We are very excited to get this program started in just a short month from now! If you have any interest in donating books to our cause, we accept any gently used children’s books that you may already have in your collection (comment below to get contact information!) or you could also check out our amazon.com wishlist at http://amzn.com/w/3D2ZG4OC3H29R

Do you know of any similar programs? Any advice for us as we get started on this new project?


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